COVID 19 crisis and anti-China sentiments


Amid the global outbreak of Covid-19, a Chinese based think tank has warned the CCP. As per the reports, anti-China sentiments are at its peak since the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident. China is facing backlash around the globe especially in the US where the death toll is highest.

A composite image of Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump.

Ministry of state security has asked President Xi to be prepared for an armed confrontation between the US and CCP ruled China. As per the reports from the US, Trump is in tremendous pressure for the Presidential election to be held in the month of November this year.

Office of Ministry of State Security located in Wuhan (China)

The US President is facing a backlash as the virus has claimed thousands of American lives and crippled the US economy. Trump has been criticizing China for its delay in revealing pandemic’s details. As per the report, the US sees China’s growth as an economic and national security threat to western democracies. China has been expanding its military power for the last couple of years. Xi has expanded air and naval capacity to challenge 70 years of US military dominance.

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Amid all these, China’s Foreign Ministry has called for cooperation between both countries. ” Any words or actions that engage in political manipulation or stigmatization under the pretext of the pandemic, including taking the opportunity to sow discord between the countries, are not conducive to international cooperation against the pandemic”, Foreign ministry, China said in the statement released.


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